Getting Started With VectorEngineer.

Go to the assist menu and click button command reference you can click on any button to tell you what to do.
The first thing is to go to the setup menu and select the units (inches - millimetres etc) and scale (1 for 1:1 or 20 for 20:1 etc.) you will be working with, then, setup the grid snaps - the x & y grid snaps.
If you are working in inches you could set x,y, to be .25 (1/4”) 0r .125 (1/8”).
If you are working with mm then you could set x,y, to be 1 (1mm) or .5 (0.5mm) etc.
Set the grid snap to be on.
Set the polar snap to the same as your snap grid setting eg. .25 etc.
You can click the polar snap button to draw in straight lines.
Set the snap grid to be on.
Having done this – click on the draw line button in the toolbar, click to where you want the line to start then draw your line with reference to the status bar at the bottom of the screen, here you will see a read out of the line measurement as you draw use the 3rd set of figures or the 2nd set for line length and angle. You will see that the measurement shown will reflect what you have entered in the snap settings. Click when you want the line to finish.
You can use the same principle for all the drawing commands.
To see and change the properties of you drawn line etc – double click on it and the properties window will come up.
Here you can change colour, line style, layers etc.
Layers are used to seperate different types of things in your drawing eg. With a room layout you could use different layers for the walls and furniture, each layer is independant from each other, you can turn any layer on or off using the layers button on the toolbar. You can also change the current layers colour in the setup menu as well as changing the screen colour.
Use the snap commands to snap current drawing commands to the ends, centre and intersection of lines, rectangles and circles. The square in the middle of the cursor must be over the part you want to snap to, change the size of the snap apperture square in the setup menu.
If you click once on object that you have drawn you can select the object and use the grips to manipulate the object, you can also get the right click menu for further editing when you select something.
Printing with Win 8 and Win 10.

You can print directly with all window editions up to win7 from the file menu, for win8 and win10 please read below.
To print your chosen drawing view use the Export to BMP tab in the file menu and save your drawing view to your desktop. Open the drawing on your desktop with Windows Photo Viewer then print your drawing from the viewer.
Don't forget to use the Command button reference in the assist menu - click on any button to find out how to use that feature.

This software will run on all windows editions from win98 onwards.
Don't forget use the Button Command Reference in the Assist menu. it tells you how to use every command in VectorEngineer.